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Jean Carlo De Lima

Brazilian by birth, Japanese by training, Italian by choice.

Our Chef, Jean Carlo de Lima, draws on more than thirty years of experience in preparing his nippo-brazilian creations.

Since he was young, he has worked at top-tier restaurants alongside celebrated chefs, in San Paolo, Salvador di Bahia and Recife, before coming to Italy, where he has worked in Rome, Porto Cervo and Milan.

The mind behind many signature Brazilian dishes in Milan, he will surprise you with new combinations mixed to perfection for a delicious result. A gastronomic cultural experience.

A new project

Batukada, a typical Brazilian expression that refers to the sound of samba drums, is a Brazilian sushi restaurant specializing in Robata and Caipirinha that, thanks to the dedication and talent of our Chef, Jean Carlo de Lima, offers a creative and authentic selection of food and beverages.

An experience based on the fruitful intermingling of Japanese and Brazilian cuisines, in an exclusive, welcoming environment.

Our location

Balada s.r.l. | P.IVA IT11018620960 | Via Amerigo Vespucci, 12 – 20124 – Milano | Italia

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